All returns/damages must be reported to our office within 72 hours of receipt of goods and received in our warehouse within 30 days or items will no longer be eligible for a return. Spar Medical Inc., will offer a credit for unused/sterilized items still in the original packaging within 30 calendar days from the invoice date which the customer has paid. Spar Medical Inc., will charge a return shipping fee of $20.00.


A restocking fee will not be charged if items are received in our warehouse within 30 days. No returns beyond 30 days.

Once an RMA has been issued, please return item(s) along with the following information:

  • Original invoice number
  • Sales order number
  • Item number
  • Quantity
  • Lot number (if applicable)
  • Reason for return


Special Orders: NO RETURNS for special order items, custom-made items, items that we do not ordinarily stock, or were made per customer design or custom request.

Etching: NO RETURNS if items have been etched with customer logo and/or part number.

Sterile: NO RETURNS for items or kits sold as sterile, regardless of its condition.

Coated or Insulated Instruments: NO RETURNS for ebonized (black coated) or insulated (blue LEEP/LLETZ) instruments.

Equipment: NO RETURNS will be accepted on all equipment and equipment accessories such as Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes, Cameras, Light Sources, Sheaths, Carts, Monitors, Chairs, Cabinets, Stroboscopes, Microscopes, Headlights, etc.).


A Credit Memo will be issued by Spar Medical Inc., once the item(s) have been received in our warehouse and processed by our office. All returns are subject to inspection before final approval of any credits. This credit memo will be mailed to your company and may be used at your discretion when paying open invoices. Short paying invoices will not be accepted. If an invoice is short paid, the balance will remain open until a credit memo is issued against it. Credit memos are only distributed for paid items.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy.


Phone: 1-855-712-7778