CryoIQ Gas Cartridges with Oxiblock© Technology

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Brand: Invotec

All our gas cartridges are equipped with a valve. The 25 gram gas cartridges fit CryoIQ® models PRO Aesthetic. The gas cartridges have a built-in 5 µm filter and are filled with medical grade N2O gas.

Catalog No. Description Package Size Min Order Qty
CIQ-GS-VN25 Gas cartridge 25 gram N2O with valve for model CryoIQ® PRO Aesthetic 1 10 single package


Catalog No. Description Package Size
CIQ-PSA-DST60 Standard Tip 60µm, L=10mm, Spray Freezing Ø1-6mm 1
CIQ-PSA-DST80 Standard Tip 80µm, L=10mm, Spray Freezing Ø7-18mm 1
CIQ-PSA-D1 Dermatology Tip 60µm, L=22mm, Spray Freezing Ø1-6mm 1
CIQ-PSA-D2 Dermatology Tip 80µm, L=22mm, Spray Freezing Ø7-18mm 1
CIQ-PSA-D3 Dermatology Tip 100µm, L=22mm, Spray Freezing Ø9-22mm 1
CIQ-PSA-D1-3 Dermatology Tip Set: 3 Tips (D1, D2, D3) 1
CIQ-PSA-A45 Angled Tip 45 °, L=8cm, Spray Freezing Ø7-18mm 1
CIQ-PSA-L13 Gynecology Tip 100µm, L=130mm, Spray Freezing Ø9-22mm 1
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