Dempsey Splints

20-10602/ 20-10603
Qty: 10/box
In stock
Product Details
Brand: Invotec

The Dempsey Splint is a 100% Fluoroplastic internal nasal splint to reduce or prevent adhesions between the septum and lateral nasal wall by stabilizing the turbinates.

  • Easy insertion and removal
  • Provided sterile, ready to use
Item No. Description Qty/Box
20-10602 Dempsey Medium Sterile 10 pair
20-10603 Dempsey Large Sterile 10 pair
20-10602C Dempsey, Medium, Clear Sterile 10 pair
20-10603C Dempsey, Large, Clear Sterile 10 pair

Sterile Only ships to: AL, MS, TN, GA, Panhandle of FL

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