Dental Magna Microscope

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A brilliantly designed Automatic Balancing Arm (ABA) features an electromagnetic brake system that enables the ultimate flexibility in positioning the microscope’s viewing angle and position. No counter balancing of head mounted accessories needed. The microscope moves smoothly and effortlessly with the press of a button, and locks into place upon release.

A built-in LED provides shadow-free white light for up to 60,000 hours well over 100,000 lux coupled with filter system switching from neutral to polarizing to Blue providing highest degree of flexibility from diagnostics through surgery. The Labomed® NuVar variable working distance objective comes standard, and provides users greater convenience in achieving a comfortable working distance. Bundled with ergonomic optical accessories like smart phone adapters, the Magna is fully equipped and ready to tackle all user requirements without the fuss and cost of add-on accessories at the time of purchase.All of these advantages come together in a modern arm and stand system that provide feather-touch accuracy and finesse in articulation, delighting the most discerning of users.

In terms of optics, the Magna’s apochromatic design provides the ultimate color correction for three wavelengths and features a zoom mechanism, providing a wide range of magnifications. All optics feature our MaxLite coatings, promising reflection free and highly durable optics with maximum light through-put.Practitioners with all degrees of experience will appreciate the Magna’s zoom system, which features a push-in detent lever that will allow users repeatable and easily identifiable magnification stops. This provides a quick change over from continuous zoom to an 8 stop setting.

An effortless articulation system was the impetus for the ABA brake system. Conveniently located release buttons are situated on both the left side and the right side on the ergonomic handle of the microscope, making the system highly intuitive. Holding down either of the release buttons allows the microscope to move with ease, regardless of the accessory load. When the button is released, the microscope immediately holds its position.

A super bright LED provides over 100,000 lux at daylight color temperature, nearing the light quality of Xenon but without the high cost of frequent bulb changes. The Magna promises up to 60,000 hours of degradation-free bulb life. The Magna comes standard with a heavy base floor stand for maximum stability. For greater efficiency in smaller operatories, the Magna can be equipped with ceiling or high-mount wall kits, keeping structural elements out of the way. The ABA system will provide the greatest degree of freedom with the advantage of its inherent arm extension, making it easier for wall and ceiling mounted systems to reach desired viewing positions.

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