ENT Endoscope Storage Cabinet

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Brand: Optim

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Optim’s new wall mounted ENT endoscope Storage / Drying Cabinet allows for ENT scopes to be vertically hung and dried in a safe, efficient environment. The storage cabinet is specifically designed for ENT scopes as well as other smaller scopes. Each ENT scope drying rack can hold up to 6 scopes. Stainless steel, 6 ENT endoscope capacity, wall mount storage cabinet with key lock

  • Tempered Glass Double Doors
  • Key Locking
  • Customizable endoscope holders to fit most common endoscope brands in the field
  • Holds 6 Flexible Endoscopes
  • Glass paneled doors for easy viewing of endoscope inventory
  • Industry best 12 year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Ideal for endoscopes without integral light guide cable or removable video/light processor cord
  • Cabinet dimensions: 30" H x 24" W x 12" D
  • Cabinet weight: 60 lbs

Optional Features Include:

  • HEPA Filtered Positive Pressure – With two high volume, HEPA filtered intake fans which, in conjunction with one exhaust fan, creates positive pressure airflow throughout the cabinet
  • Set the drying time with the adjustable time
  • Change HEPA filters without opening cabinet, save time and ensure no cycle interruptions
  • LED-UV disinfection strip as an additional sterilization option

Only ships to: AL, MS, TN, GA, Panhandle of FL

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