Frazier/Ferguson Nasal Style Suction

66501020/ 66501030/ 6650100
Qty: 10/box
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Brand: Invotec


Frazier/Ferguson Nasal Style Suction is designed with a suction tip made of medical grade stainless steel for Rhinology surgery or examination.

  • Sterile, packed in individual peel pouch
  • Available with one side hole (velvet eye) at tip end to avoid biopsy effect (tissue damage)
Item No. Description Qty/Box
66501020 2.0mm x 150mm, 6Fr Clear 10
66501030 3.0mm x 150mm, 9Fr Clear 10
66501040 4.0mm x 150mm, 12Fr Clear 10

Only ships to: AL, MS, TN, GA, Panhandle of FL

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