Prima ENT Microscope

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Brand: Labomed

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The Prima ENT microscope reflects a performance driven design with modularity in mind for the evolving needs in ENT clinical and surgical routines. With an intelligent LED coaxial illumination system, crystal clear optics, and fluid arm movement, the Prima ENT microscope stands apart as a smart choice.

Fluid. Responsive. Accurate. These were a few of the principles guiding every phase in the design of the Prima ENT. With the choicest mechanical machined components, the Prima ENT has the grace and agility to adjust to every desired position on command. Well designed Apochromatic optics treated with LABOMED’s proprietary MaxLite (TM)coatings produce true-to-life sharp images with high depth, definition and contrast. A highly efficient 50W LED illumination system produces over 60,000 hours of bulb life with Xenon-level light intensity, providing a bright white light for precision work. Housed within the swivel arm, this compact illumination ensures a light, well-balanced microscope for both hospitals and clinics.

The Prima ENT can be mounted on a floor stand and moved from one room to the next for maximum utility. Or with a wall mount, the unit will utilize less floor space and can be folded neatly against the wall when not in use.

Only ships to: AL, MS, TN, GA, Panhandle of FL

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