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Brand: Invotec

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Revitalize Booster is the new generation of EGF (Epidermal Grow Factor). Booster is a protein composed of 53 amino - acids widely present in our skin. It increases keratinocyte proliferation of corneal epithelium, endothelial cell and fibroblast (protein synthesis and glycosaminoglycans).

Customize your client's skin care by choosing the base formulation and then adding to that a powerful growth factor to enhance the skin care regimen you have chosen.

Choose either Pure, Vitamins and White, and customize the formulation by adding 1-2 vials of Boost, a powerful growth factor formulation to add that extra power to your skin care formulation of choice.

1 ml per ampoule

Patent pending growth factor stabilization.
Can be used for acne treatment, acne scars, stretchmarks, and firming the facial skin.
Booster is not injectable.

Indication: It promotes dermal repair increasing its self-regeneration rate.

Contents: 1ml Bottle, 4 ampules with epidermal growth factor (EGF)
4 Vials/Box

Sterile Topical Serums for Professional Use

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