Revitalize Slim

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Brand: Invotec

Revitalize Slim new lipolytic and anti-cellulite formula is composed of an insulin-like growth factor, phosphatidylcholine, sodium deoxycholate, carnitine and trace elements.

Customize your client's skin care by choosing the base formulation and then adding to that a powerful growth factor to enhance the skin care regimen you have chosen.

Choose either Pure, Vitamins and White, and customize the formulation by adding 1-2 vials of Boost, a powerful growth factor formulation to add that extra power to your skin care formulation of choice.

5 ml per vial

Poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress are the main reasons of excess fat accumulation.

Indication: Localized fat accumulation spot as belly, back of the arm, neck, and legs.

Contents: 5ml Bottle, Phosphatidylcholine 2.5%, Sodium Deoxycholate 1.5%, Carnitine 4%
5 Vials/Box

Sterile Topical Serums for Professional Use

Only ships to: AL, MS, TN, GA, Panhandle of FL
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